Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Today, I did all the sight-seeing.  The Mac was too sick, so he sat at the palace and went back to the room.  We did the whole mass-transit thing today.  We took the street car, the bus, and the Ubahn (a sort of subway-not subway hybrid.  We went to see the Schonbronn Palace.  It was the place of the Hapsburgs in the 1700's and a summer escape in the 1800's.  It's like two mile away from the huge complex where we were yesterday.  It was pretty amazing.  Then we went to the Christkindl Markt that was there.  I got a Krippe (Creche) and some things for the kids.  Then we took a cab to the hotel where the MAC stayed while I went in search of the only apartment still in existence (of the 13) that Mozart lived in while in Vienna.  It was a really nice museum.  He wrote "The Marriage of Figaro" while there.  I have learned that much of what I "knew" about Mozart is a crock, but that is how history often works.  I was going to walk back to the hotel, but it was 6 pm and long dark, and I didn't trust myself to find the street that would connect me with the heart of Vienna to our hotel--about 2 miles.  I took a cab and realized that I was a wuss--I was going the right way, but chickened out.  Anyway some pictures.  Tomorrow we take the train to Budapest.

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