Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Today, I did all the sight-seeing.  The Mac was too sick, so he sat at the palace and went back to the room.  We did the whole mass-transit thing today.  We took the street car, the bus, and the Ubahn (a sort of subway-not subway hybrid.  We went to see the Schonbronn Palace.  It was the place of the Hapsburgs in the 1700's and a summer escape in the 1800's.  It's like two mile away from the huge complex where we were yesterday.  It was pretty amazing.  Then we went to the Christkindl Markt that was there.  I got a Krippe (Creche) and some things for the kids.  Then we took a cab to the hotel where the MAC stayed while I went in search of the only apartment still in existence (of the 13) that Mozart lived in while in Vienna.  It was a really nice museum.  He wrote "The Marriage of Figaro" while there.  I have learned that much of what I "knew" about Mozart is a crock, but that is how history often works.  I was going to walk back to the hotel, but it was 6 pm and long dark, and I didn't trust myself to find the street that would connect me with the heart of Vienna to our hotel--about 2 miles.  I took a cab and realized that I was a wuss--I was going the right way, but chickened out.  Anyway some pictures.  Tomorrow we take the train to Budapest.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 4th again

Well, I somehow made things upload to the blog.  Here are today's pictures.
I posted on Sunday night and none of it took, which really irritates me.  But here we go again.  On Sunday, we went to Salzburg and attended church.  We accidentally saw a Sound of Music thing, but  what can you do when you are just walking back to the hotel from church?  We saw the Mozart birth house, the old Jewish quarter, a VERY cool Baroque Kathedrale, and went to the Christkindlmarkt.  I have pictures which I waited up to finish uploading only to find today that nothing is there.

Yesterday, we came to Vienna.  We walked a lot yesterday and saw little.  Today, we did see a lot, however. The coolest things were getting to pet a Lippesaner Stallion and getting to see a rehearsal for Mozart's "Requiem" in a totally cool Medieval cathedral, St. Stephansdom.  Utterly amazing.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Okay, try #2.  We left Munich on the train this morning and came to Salzburg, where I am trying to make this post.  We went to church.  It was all German.  We walked back to the hotel and saw a cool castle and a "Sound of Music" building.  After a late lunch, we walked back across the river to see the Mozart Gerborthaus (birth house).  We saw the Juden Strasse and a very cool Baroque Kathedrale.  We also went to the Kris Kringle market.  We had a small dinner, and it's now an early bedtime.  Some pictures.  Oh yeah it snowed a little and it is cold.


This morning, we got up, after a VERY long trip to Munich with no sleep on Friday night on the airplane and a long stint at Heathrow, and caught the train to Salzburg.  We went to church which was totally in German and not really covered by Rosetta Stone.  We walked back from church after seeing a  
"Sound of Music" house.  We went for late lunch and then went to see the Salzburg sights.  We went to the Mozart birth house, the Juden Strasse, the Kris Kringle market, and a huge Baroque Kathedrale.  We had a small dinner and we are headed to bed before 8 pm.  It is pitch black dark here by 5:00 pm. Weird.  A few pictures to follow.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Tuesday pictures

More Stonehenge--It was so cold out there. Liz's
scarf gift made England possible. Thanks, Liz.

Town Gate in Salisbury.

Salisbury Cathedral--As is par for our

vacations it has scaffolding on it.

Town Square in Salisbury

Salisbury street

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jan. 26th

Stonehenge--in case you don't recognize it.

Only one picture for today because it is late. We went to Stonehenge, walked around Salisbury, and went to a great concert at St. Martin's in the Fields church.